Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)?

The Allied Health Professions (AHPs) comprise of 14 distinct occupations including: art therapists, dietitians, drama therapists, music therapists, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, orthoptists, osteopaths, paramedics, physiotherapists, podiatrists, prosthetists and orthotists, diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, and speech and language therapists.

We’ve created a page containing information and short videos explaining the role of each of the groups. This can be viewed here


Why are you doing this project?

Our health and social care services are facing unprecedented times and we have needed to provide care in new and different ways. People across the NHS and social care have proven that we can work in new ways to make sure people get the support they need. This is an opportunity to reshape how Allied Health Professionals deliver care as we recover and rebuild for our future. 

We want you to tell us if the themes we identified in phases 1 and 2, from citizens and healthcare professionals are correct and if we have interpreted everything you’ve told us correctly. It is the final opportunity to shape the development of the strategy.  

This will help us to think about what would make the biggest difference for people using the skills and talents of this wide-ranging group of professionals. We have shaped what citizens told us in the spring into some ideas for change and combined those with what healthcare professionals told us in May.  

Your views on these findings will be developed into a strategy for Allied Health Professionals that sets out how the 14 different professions will work with colleagues across health and social care towards delivering the changes the public want to see.


What is AHPsListen all about?

Watch this video to learn more about AHPsListen.

If you require a transcript of the animation please click here.


Who should get involved?

This conversation is open to anyone over the age of 16 in England. We want to hear from as many people as possible with a wide range of backgrounds, views and experiences of using any health and social care services commissioned by the NHS.

Please encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to join our conversation. It really is for everyone.


What will happen as a result of this conversation?

This online conversation is the third step in the process to create a new strategy for the Allied Health Professionals across England. The strategy will be used to shape how this professional groups develops and delivers services over the next five years.

This is the third online conversation, taking place in July, for everyone to respond to the themes that were identified by the public and healthcare professionals in phases 1 and 2. This third conversation will open to citizens, Allied Health Professions and others working across health and social care, so you can come together to let us know if we have interpreted everything you’ve told us correctly. It is the final opportunity to shape the development of the strategy. 

If you’ve signed up to take part in this conversation we will email you and let you know when the final conversation opens.

This will create the basis of the new strategy for Allied Health Professionals, co-created with citizens and professionals. Once finalised this will replace the AHP's into Action strategy which was produced in a similar way 5 years ago and has successfully run its course.  The new strategy will be published in Spring 2022.

How do I participate?

To join in your need to:

  • Register on
  • The system will automatically send you an email containing your username and password (please check your spam/junk folders if it doesn’t arrive)
  • Log in to at anytime between 5th July - 26th July – as many times as you like!
  • Follow the simple steps on the platform to take part – read, vote, comment, debate, suggest, challenge – whatever you are motivated to do.


What are the rules of taking part?

The rules are simple:

  • Personal comments, either by naming individuals, or comments which make identifying individuals possible should not be made and will be taken down by Clever Together, the site moderators.
  • Abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated and Clever Together will anonymously contact you if this is the case.
  • Clever Together work independently and will not share instances when they have had to contact users.
  • The website is intended to be an open and transparent platform for anyone to share their views about the future of the care and services provided by Allied Health professionals. No comments will be removed because moderators do not like them or they are perceived to be in bad taste. They will only be removed if they are deemed abusive or offensive.
  • If you don’t like a comment or idea which you think is in bad taste, just hit the thumbs down button!
  • If you see a post that causes you concern please hit the report button and let the facilitators know.


I am under 16, how can I take part?

The platform we are using is primarily for those over the age of 16, this is to keep you safe under the General Data Protection Regulations. If you would like to share your views we ask that your parent or guardian sign up to the conversation and that you work together to add your ideas and comments.


Who can I contact if I am having difficulty with this website?

The website and the online workshop are provided by our independent partners, Clever Together. If you’re having difficulty using the website, or experience any problems, please email them directly at - they'll respond promptly.

If you would like to know more about Clever Together please visit


How does the online conversation work?

Our online conversation works a bit like a physical meeting or workshop, but unlike a typical physical conversation the online conversation doesn’t require you to be there at the same time. It uses a virtual room in which everyone can join from any internet-connected device to have their voice heard, any time day or night.

Will my comments on the platform be anonymous?

Anything you share in the online conversation will be visible to others taking part in the conversation. However, your personal details will not be visible on the platform - your information will not be shown next to any of your ideas, comments or votes. This means your ideas will be treated by other participants based on their merit, not based on who you are.

Who will know if I take part in the online conversation and what I've said?

The online debates are managed by Clever Together and no one will be able to identify you, not even the Clever Together team unless you share any personal, abusive or offensive content. We welcome uncomfortable and controversial ideas, but personal, abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated and Clever Together will contact you if this is the case. Clever Together work independently and will not share instances when they have had to contact users.

What will you do with my personal data?

We will only use your personal data in relation to this conversation. It will never be passed on to parties not involved in the project and will never be used for any other purpose. We will delete personal data we hold about you within 30 days of project completion.
This platform is covered by Clever Together's privacy policy. Clever Together is the data controller for all information you share. You may request deletion of your data at any time by emailing at any time.


How will the conversation be moderated?

This online conversation is being facilitated by an independent organisation called Clever Together. In order to facilitate the conversation the team may need to:

  • Merge some ideas that have similar content. When two ideas are merged, all votes and comments are transferred to the new idea and the title may be reworded to better capture its essence.
  • Split some ideas that discuss multiple topics in one post. If your post contains more than one idea, the facilitation team may choose to break the post up into multiple posts.
  • Deal with inappropriate contributions. If contributions are reported to the facilitators as being inappropriate or highly offensive, the moderators may remove an idea or comment.
  • If a facilitator has made any changes to your idea/comment you be sent an automated response to explain what has happened - this email will be sent by the system and we won't know who you are.


Who is running this project?

This project is being delivered by Clever Together on behalf of the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer and NHS England and NHS Improvement. Click here to read the blog from Suzanne Rastrick, the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England.

I have a question that isn't shown here

If you have a question about the project or the website that isn't answered here please drop the team at Clever Together an email at and they will get back to you.