About this work

The vast majority of people in the UK will have a personal experience of health and social care, most will have visited a doctor or dentist, or seen a nurse for hundreds of different reasons from when you’re born to the end of your life. More people are living longer in life and we can all take actions that help us to stay well for as long as possible. There will also be people who have conditions that need support at different times or for a long time and the health and social care system does its very best to ensure that everyone gets what they need, when they need it and that healthcare is always available free at the point of care. You can read more about the Long Term Plan for the NHS here

Allied Health Professionals are a really important professional group who support the delivery of health and care services. From paramedics to occupational therapists and physiotherapists, these highly skilled colleagues help people stay well, recover and manage their health. You can find out more about the Allied Health Professionals here.

When we think about reshaping how we deliver health and care we know that Allied Health professionals professionals have a growing role to play in supporting citizens to keep well and to receive the right care when they need it. This could be for example, helping to support recovery for those experiencing ongoing impacts of long covid.

We want to listen to citizens and hear what is most important to them when they need health support. This will help us to think about what would make the biggest difference for people using the skills and talents of this wide ranging group of professionals. We will shape what people tell us into some ideas for change, expressed by citizens, that can be shared with the Allied Health Professionals and other health professions.

This will be developed into a strategy which will be co-created with citizens and Allied Health Professionals that sets out how the 14 different professions will work with colleagues across health and care towards delivering the changes citizens want to see and delivers the commitments set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.